IB-PRO Overview

IB-PRO web application is a complete solution for the quick and comprehensive design of "Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanger" as per Indian Boiler Regulations 1950. It is perfect for both regular and occasional users requiring fast start up and confidence in Regulations compliances.

  • Minimum input and reliable results
  • Easy to learn and quick use
  • Reduce duplication of effort and eliminate Human errors
  • Quick and efficient component design and evaluation
  • To simplify inspection requirements

IB-PRO Features & Benefits

  • Indian Boiler Regulations calculation for Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanger
  • Minimum Inputs and complete reliable Results
  • Faster Designs and Avoid Regulation related Delusion
  • Evaluations Equipment IBR Classification
  • Elliptical Man ways Design
  • Material database as per ASME Sec. II, Part-D.
  • Evaluation of Radiography , Heat Treatments and Hydro test.
  • Easily analyze individual components
  • Static head on components calculated from liquid level not input manually
  • Outputs in Word & PDF
  • To simplify Indian Boiler Regulations clauses
  • IBR Registration Fee Calculator for Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanger

IB-PRO Support

We are commited to providing the best services to our users and a knowledge sharing platform for engineering professionals.


IB-PRO Service

We are happy to serve Complete calculation as per Indian Boiler Regulation 1950 by using our expert professional.