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We offer three subscription types, which have monthly, biannual and annual payment options. Our prices are much lower than what you would typically pay for this calculation. One of our primary goals is to Avoid Regulation related Delusion, simplify the regulation’s interpretation and provide knowledge sharing platforms for engineering professionals. See our Subscription page for more details.
We do not store your credit card information. We use a secure, PCI-certified third party, Stripe, to handle all credit card transactions. Please see our privacy policy for more details.
If you start out on a monthly plan, you can upgrade to an annual plan at any time.
There are absolutely no obligations -- you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you do cancel, your account will deactivate within 2-3 working days. You won't receive any further bills after cancelling your subscription.
IB-PRO is mainly used by Mechanical Engineers, which provide mechanical calculations for pressure vessel & Heat Exchange according to Indian Boiler Regulation -1950.
To eliminate traditional method such spreadsheets this is time consuming, duplication of inputs, human errors and Complex to understand. You can get one step platform to speeding up the engineering calculations, Avoid Regulation related Delusion, simplify regulation’s interpretation. You can verify you values in IB-PRO first before spending time to perform calculations in your spreadsheets
IB-PRO Provides 14 days trial version on limited access basis as per your request, but to obtain full use of IB-PRO you must sign up for account.
By subscribing to IB-PRO, you will receive the following benefits: • Unrestricted access to the calculators and other content on this site • Minimum input and reliable results • Easy to learn and quick use • Reduce duplication of effort and eliminate Human errors • Quick and efficient component design and evaluation • To simplify inspection requirements • Ability to Generate formatted reports Word & PDF • Ability to save input files so that you never lose your work
All of our formulas have been thoroughly validated using example cases. Some example validation cases have been fully documented and made available for your review on our website. Every calculator has a link to its validation cases in the upper right corner of the calculator page. You can also find links to the validation cases in the main calculator page. In addition to the validation cases, the methods behind all of our calculators have been thoroughly documented so that you can see exactly what is happening under the hood. Every calculator links to the relevant documentation in the upper right corner of the calculator page. You can also find links to the reference documentation in the main calculator page, and you can find a full listing of the documentation in main reference page.
Not Required. One of the prime benefits of IB-PRO is that it is completely online. This means that you can access the software from any computer with an internet connection without having to install anything. You also don't need to worry about updates, since the website will always be up to date with the latest and greatest version.
IB-PRO is tested on all of the major browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer). However, most of the testing is done using Google Chrome, so we recommend using Chrome if possible

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